These are a few of my Favorite Things!

This quilt is a celebration of my marriage for 30 years to my wonderful husband!  

It is filled with memories for us. I was a city girl and he was the country boy.   He works in the
agriculture industry and this quilt has soy beans, corn, wheat and sunflowers...all crops that I have
learned about since he's had me around.  I love the beautiful silos and barns with quilts that you
find scattered over the Midwest countryside.  Though the windmills of today look quite different than
these on the quilt, it is so fun to stumble upon a windmill farm.  We've driven past sunflower fields in
South Dakota that will take your breath away, and the wheat fields look like a rippling ocean.  The
church, home and quilt store are all things we can't live without...The Americana star and Bald
Eagle represent the great country we live in...and the Pineapple is the welcome symbol that will
remind my friends and family that they are always welcome in my home.  

I am finding that this quilt has meaning for many quilters who live in the Midwest or elsewhere!  
This Applique Quilt Pattern is for sale on the Quilt Patterns Page
One Too Many Stars - Adapted by Missie Carpenter
This quilt was so great to make from Penny Harren's book Piecing With Applique.  

I would rather applique  or hand stitch than sit at a machine these days and her method was just
perfect for me to construct pieced blocks!  I combined her blocks with a block from the Buggy Barn
Folk Art Blooms (with a few alterations), created my own sashing with stars between the
blocks.  The sashing was quite a challenge because I do not do complicated pieced quilts by
machine too often.

By the time I finished all those little stars between the blocks, I decided to name this quilt...One
Star Too Many!  Haha!
Who Stole the Flowers from the Flower
Designed by ? (unknown)
Adapted by Missie Carpenter

This was a pattern from 2 greeting cards.   I can not find
them to give the artist credit unfortunately.  I took two
different patterns from the cards and combined them
making this cute little wallhanging.  It's one of my favorites
and it hangs each spring.  I had a great time making the
label as well!  
Old Fashioned Tiny Tulips

Antique reproduction made by Missie Carpenter

This quilt is 18" square.  It was inspired from a picture of an antique quilt in a notebook.  

It was finished very quickly since it was so small.    

This quilt placed 2nd in the miniature category at the Ohio State Fair 2000.
This pattern is available on the Quilt Pattern page.
Traditional Primitives from Missie Carpenter
My Favorite Things...
Josie's Petals Wool and Velvet Quilt Pattern
The pattern also includes an antique ball pattern in small and
large sizes.  It's an easy pattern to complete.  I've created a way to
make this antique Joseph's Coat design with no set in seams.  It's
very relaxing to work on.  You could choose to use all wool, a
combination of wool and cotton, or wool and velvet as I have
shown here.  See my
blog, May of 2013 for other color views!  The
pattern is available at Blackberry Primitives website as well as the
next quilt, Charmed Beginnings
Charmed Beginnings is 45" square.  This quilt can be made in  
all wool as shown or in wool and cotton.  This is wool
applique...simple and a new take on piecing because it is all
applique.  No piecing except for putting the blocks together.  This
is one of my favorite wool quilts and the pattern is available at
Blackberry Primitives.