These are notions that I like so much, I want to make the available to everyone!  
It makes the journey so much easier and fun when you are working with quality products.
Ultra-Punchneedle (formerly known as the Cameo Punchneedle)
Contains the small sized needle for 3 strand floss as well as a threader.  It also has a nice link
of an instructional video.  That's nice if you don't have someone nearby to teach you!  

I offer the punchneedle with the small needle size because it works well with 3 strand floss, 12
& 8 Pearl cotton, wool threads and more.

Amy Oxford Punch
Size 10 Amy Oxford Punch for rug making similar to rug hooking.  

Works great with wool cut to #6,  #7 or #8 size strips.  

Create a beautiful punched-rug in days...not months!

Cork Base for Punchneedle Coasters         
These are 4" round cork bases for the punchneedle coaster sets
sold on the
Punchneedle page.  

They are easy to work with and make a great finished product!

$1.50 each
Copyright Traditional Primitives from Missie Carpenter- All rights reserved 2013
Fingertip Stiletto
I like to call this my little Hexie Helper!   Click HERE for a short video.

This tool is awesome for preparing Applique or English Paper Piecig with starch and freezer
paper as you may have seen on my blog.  It saves your fingertip and fingernail from a hot iron.  It
becomes a natural extension of your finger, helping you handle your pieces.  It is adjustable to fit
your finger.  Click HERE.

It also works great to offer finger protection when using sewing machinery by keeping your
fingertip away from moving needles / parts.

This is a notion you can
not do without!  
Also check out the video on the Home page for additional information on how I use it.

Premium Freezer Paper  (New!)
This is the perfect paper to use with Missie's technique of Starch Basting English
Paper Piecing and Applique shapes.  See video on the HOME page.

It makes a huge difference in the quality of shapes and makes my technique
easy and precise.  It does not shrink and distort like other freezer papers so you can
use your shapes over and over...more than 20 times!

This Premium Freezer Paper runs through Ink Jet printers wonderfully and makes
nice thick shapes when double layered for EPP.  

This is the Freezer Paper I use because it works
so nicely!   
HERE for a short video.

6, 16 or 50 sheets per package

$2.85  $6.00   and   $11.00
Basic Collection- Valdani 3-Strand Floss
Between both collections you see here, you can make any of my designs.  (It
may be necessary to purchase more background colors for the mini quilt
punchneedle designs.)  

Valdani threads are Hand Dyed and always 100% Colorfast.

These are the only threads I use for punchneedle, especially for my coasters!  

**Colors may vary from time to time depending on supply.

Prisms Collection- Valdani 3-Strand Floss
Between both collections you see here, you can make any of my designs.  (It
may be necessary to purchase more background colors for the mini quilt
punchneedle designs.)  

Valdani Threads are Hand Dyed and always 100% Colorfast.  

These are the only threads I use for punchneedle, especially for my coasters!

**Colors may vary slightly from time to time due to supply.

Traditional Primitives from Missie Carpenter
Morgan No Slip Stacked Hoop
This is my favorite hoop for Punchneedle.  

It holds the fabric nice and tight so you don't have to worry
about any slippage.  You can concentrate on punching, not
holding the hoop!  

Spoil yourself with this Morgan Hoop.  You will be glad you did!

7" / 9"          $44.00
Missie's Favorite Starch Brush
This is a great tool to assist in hassle free prep when using constant use.  
Saves time and gets you to that finished quilt faster!   
(Click HERE for a short video on
how to fill this brush)
Premium Starch  The easy fill solutions for filling the Starch Brush!  Open
the cap and squirt it right into the handle!  More than a dozen fills!

Brush $12.00
Premium Starch $5.95
Mini Iron
This clover mini iron is the best for Missie's Starch Basting
Technique.  Makes it so easy, fast and accurate!

You won't be sorry you have convenient to use and it does a
GREAT job for this technique!  See video on the HOME page to
learn how I use this iron.

Hexie Punches
Make your own hexie shapes from Premium Freezer Paper accurate
and fast with these
paper cutters.  

Available in 3 different sizes:  1/2", 3/4", and 1".    

This makes the hexie-shape paper cutting process very quick &  very

short video is a great demo on how I use them.

$12.20 and up (see drop down menu)
Choose Size
Hexie Pressing Mat
A portable pressing mat!

Thermal ironing surface with cute colorful border trim.  
Colors of trim may vary from photo.  I use this mat to prepare
my Starch Basting for English Paper Piecing.  

Works great and so cute!

HERE for a short video.

Premium Freezer Paper: Choose Size
Genziana Wool Thread
I love this wool thread for Wool Applique!  

It blends right in with the wool and does not show, letting the wool fabric
be the highlight of your quilt.   Click on the photo to see a larger picture.  

The color numbers are shown on each spool.  Choose the desired color
from the dropdown menu to the right

$9.00 per spool
Mettler 60 Weight Cotton Thread
This is one of my favorite threads to use for Applique when stitching
without the papers using my technique for English Paper Piecing.  

Wonderfully soft and sinks right into the fabric for invisible stitches!  
Cotton will keep your quilts around for years and years.

Click on the photo for a larger picture to see the color numbers on
each spool.  Then choose your colors from the drop down menus to
the right.

$3.70 per spool
Choose Color
Choose Color
Choose Color
Choose Color
Choose Color
Choose Color
Missie's Favorite Needles  (NEW!)
Click HERE for a short video.

Wool Needles
I like to use Wool Thread, 12 Pearl Cotton and 3 strand floss.  These needles work great
for these threads and are a very sharp needle.   10 needles in the tubes.  5 needles in
the Magnetic Boxed Set (Square shape case).

EPP/Applique Needles
The Applique/ English Paper Piecing needles can be used with thin thread 50 weight
and up.   10 count size #10 or #11 in tubes.  
3 count size #10 & 3 count size #11 in Magnetic Box Set (Hexie shape case).  

The Boxed Sets will be in various designs based on what is available at the time you
order.  I will surprise you!

Wool or EPP/Applique - Magnetic Boxed Set $7.39
Choice of Wool, or Size #10 or #11 in Tubes $7.00
Bottom Line Bobbins for EPP and Applique
60 weight, 2 ply

My Favorite thread for EPP and Applique!  

Doesn't tangle, doesn't fall out of the needle, glides right through the fabric.  A joy to hand
stitch with!  

I offer it in basic colors that match my quilt colors- Navy, Light Blue, Black, Taupe, Ivory, Light
Golden Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Deep Red, Medium Green and Dark Green
Choose Color
Thread Heaven
Prevents thread from tangling.  Better than
wax!  The ultimate thread conditioner!

$3.58  (NEW!)
Kai Scissors

Missie's favorite scissors!  So sharp they will cut 12  layers of
fabric with ease!  Great for cutting wool shapes with smooth
edges.  These are THE best scissors and are AFFORDABLE!

The blades are about 4".

Missie's Favorite Needles
Genziana Wool Thread Sample Pack
I love this wool thread for Wool Applique!  

I've chosen a variety of colors for you in this
NEW Sample Pack.  
Personally prepared by me for YOU!  

Aproximately 32 yards of each color.  9 colors in each pack.  Just
perfect to try out this thread or to have a little on hand for small
projects.  Colors may vary from pack to pack.

$27.00 per pack  a bargain compared to purchasing
individual spools of this thread!
Soft Fuse Premium Fusible Web
One roll contains 3 pieces 1 yard x 18"

This is THE best fusible if you prefer using Fusible Web!

$20.00 per roll
Wool Thread Sample Pack
Starch Basting Technique
Booklet-  The workshop
experience with Missie!

This 23 page booklet explains how to perfect
the Starch Basting Technique for English
Paper Piecing Basting.  Most of these tips
can be carried over into the topic of using
starch for basting applique as well.  

Includes a page of Missie's Premium Freezer
Paper with printed Hexies to make your
templates for practicing the technique.  

Many tips and how to's that Missie teaches in

Starch Basting Technique Choices
Any over charge on Shipping will be refunded after the purchase.   You will only be charged the actual shipping cost..  I will ship via the
most economical method unless you request priority.
Long Arm Stapler for Wool Applique

Use this stapler to hold wool applique pieces in
place rather than pins that tend to catch on your
thread.  Works great!  I also use washable glue
stick or Soft Fuse along with the staples.  No more
loose pieces!

Choose Brush and/or Starch