Traditional Primitives from Missie Carpenter
Copyright Traditional Primitives from Missie Carpenter- All rights reserved 2013
Full Day up to 7 hours- $600
Half Day up to 4 hours- $450

I require Reimbursement for travel, food and lodging if traveling further than 30 miles from my home.  Quilt stores please email me for details on
how we can work out workshops for your stores.

Lecture- $175  We All Start Somewhere!
At this time I offer a trunk show of my quilts showing a few from the beginning and work up to present.  The theme is that we all start quilting at the
beginning.  We all learn new things and different techniques along the way of becoming better quilters.  

Half Day Workshops

English Paper Piecing- My Own Way-  This workshop covers my Starch Basting Technique for English Paper Piecing.  I use my own method for the
basting process so this is an UN Traditional English Paper Piecing workshop!  We will begin to work on a pincushion during this class. The
student can reproduce this pattern to make a quilt if they wish.  Kit required for each student on top of fee.  ($5)

Punchneedle Basics- This workshop will get the students comfortable with punchneedle. By the time the workshop is complete, the student
should be able to punch with confidence to punch alone at home.  We will work on a 4" project that can be used as a drink coaster, pin cushion or
mini quilt.  A Punchneedle and No Slip Hoop are required for this class.  Prices are on the Notions page of my website.  I require the students use
my preferred brands so I can teach them properly.  I bring these supplies with me for the students to purchase.

Full Day Workshops

English Paper Piecing With Starch Basting and More!-  This workshop is a full day of many tips and tricks to sew and baste using Missie’s English
Paper Piecing basting method.   We begin with learning Starch Basting and I offer to demonstrate other basting techniques if the students want to
see them.   The project for this workshop is a small quilt.  A small kit is required. ($5)

Wool Applique'- This workshop covers the basics of wool applique'.  We will use several different stitches and several basting methods.  The
students work on Tulip Time, a 12” block that they can finish as a small wall hanging or table topper.  Kits available.

Layered Wool and Cotton Applique-  This workshop teaches layering cotton and wool applique.  The students will learn two stitches and  several
options of wool and cotton applique will be discussed and taught.  

Applique' (Cotton) -  Starch Basting,  Needleturn and Machine Basics-  This workshop begins with handwork applique'.  We move on to machine
applique basics and I offer a shortcut for the way that I do machine applique.  The workshop is a small wall hanging.  We cover all of the tricky
shapes and turns we run into when doing applique'.  The lesson can be on one of my simpler applique' wall hangings.

Pattern Class-  You may choose one of my patterns and I can plan a class around it for full or half day, or even multiple day workshops.  An
Example is a class on The Gardens Of  A King.  3 days is recommended for this workshop.

Thanks so much for taking a look!  Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss workshops.  I love to share what I have learned over the
years to help others grow in quilting.  It is such a rewarding pastime!