Quilt Patterns
A Warm Welcome - English Paper Piecing or Strip Pieced and Applique
This quilt is 22" x 22"..
NEW!  Warmer Welcome-  The same lovely quilt, but 52" x 52".  

These patterns contains instructions for English Paper Piecing or Strip Piecing the center.  
The pineapples are appliqued and the binding is unique in that it is reversible.  It is an
attention grabber!  

Suggested notions: Missie's Starch Brush, Premium Freezer Paper, Fingertip Stiletto and
Clover Mini Iron.

Pattern $9.00
Fabric Kit w/Pattern $49.50  for the SMALL size, A Warm Welcome  
Fabric Kit w/Pattern $83.00 for the larger size, Warmer Welcome
Life In The Midwest
This quilt is 94" x 94" and works well for a large wall hanging, or as a king/queen bed

It utilizes both applique and English paper piecing methods.  I explain two alternate ways
to do English Paper Piecing  in the pattern.   It is simple handwork which allows the maker
to enjoy the process of hand stitching.  

People really love this quilt -
You will have a winner when you make it!  

My Favorite Things page to read about the story of this quilt.

Suggested notions: Missie's Starch Brush, Premium Freezer Paper, Fingertip Stiletto and
Clover Mini Iron.

Pattern  $28.00
Brookshire Star
This prize winning quilt will surprise you it is so easy to make!  

It finishes 55" square.  

Make four of them and make a four block quilt for a bed...outstanding!

Instructions are for machine applique' but you could easily do this by hand if you prefer.  

It's a pretty quick project that is a joy to complete!

Pattern  $9.00
Fabric Kit with 9 Patch background made of 18" Blocks  $96.00
These are my personal quilt patterns that can utilize my technique, notions and touches to help one enjoy the journey
from scrapes of fabric to final project completion!

From simple mug rugs, to pinchusions, table runners, to complete quilts there is something here for everyone!

If you are at an early starting point with my technique - Take a quick look at this video for some guidance.
Copyright Traditional Primitives from Missie Carpenter- All rights reserved 2017
Hexie Mug Rug Kits - Two Sizes  
This is my #1 seller at shows!  

Learn the basics of preparing English Paper Piecing using starch with this fun little quilt project!
Both offer a quick and easy way to learn this new technique and produce a beautiful, useful Mug Rug
for your morning cup of coffee.  Pick your Mug Rug size and you'll be ready to get started!

The Pattern with 1/2" hexies produce a final mug rug shape measuring (roughly) 4" across.  
The Pattern with 3/4" hexies produce a Mug Rug (roughly) 6" across.  

Patterns include instructions and 5 precut paper hexie templates.  A Fabric Kit adds in 31 precut fabric
hexies.  You will only need to add in a backing and batting to complete this fun mug rug project.

Suggested notions: Missie's Starch Brush, Premium Freezer Paper, Fingertip Stiletto and Clover Mini

Pattern w/ 1/2" Freezer Paper hexies  $9.00
KIT - Pattern with 1/2" hexies
and Fabric    $15.00

Pattern w/ 3/4" Freezer Paper hexies  $9.00
KIT - Pattern with 3/4" hexies
and Fabric    $15.00

In this video I show these two patterns
Pincushion Patterns and Kits
Learn my techniques of preparing English Paper Piecing using starch with these pincushion
patterns and kits.  This
VIDEO shows greater detail of each Pattern, some in various fabrics.

Sizes range from 5" to 7"  pincushions.  Choose the one you want from the appropriate drop
down menus in the Paypal Buttons to the right.  

Kits include reproductions and traditional fabrics that are similar to what you see in my
quilts.  Let me know in the comments section at checkout if you are looking for particular
colors and I'll do my best to meet your wishes!

A Pattern includes the Custom Premium Freezer Paper shapes.  ( Hexie Star, Fan Flower
and Pole Star discontinued)
A Kit includes the pattern, the paper shapes,
and fabric - you will be ready to go!
Pattern w/Custom Papers   $9.00
Kit - Pattern w/Custom Cut Papers
and Fabric   $12.00  
Double Star            Pole Star           Fan Flower
Hexie Star    Star of Bethlehem   Rolling Star
Traditional Primitives from Missie Carpenter
Gardens Of A King - English Paper Piecing, Applique and Wool Applique
This quilt measures 63.5" x 63.5".  

It is an interpretation of the King George III Coverlet, dated 1803.   The center block represents a formal garden
that may be found at an English Castle while the applique surrounding it are florals, fruits and herbs that were
used often for daily needs of that time period.  Surrounding the center are 16 different 6 3/4" blocks, repeated
twice in the center of the quilt.  Included are 25 block patterns to make this stunning quilt.  

Consider purchasing the pre-printed Premium Freezer Paper Packs.  These have the circular designs printed
on a single layer with extra sheets included for you to double the thickness for my EPP Starch Basting
Technique.   In addition, you  may want to purchase a pack of Premium Freezer Paper for the wool appliques.

Helpful Notions include Premium Freezer Paper, Starch Brush, Fingertip Stiletto and Clover Mini Iron.

There is much more about this quilt on my blog!

Pattern  $36.00
Pattern + Printed Freezer Paper  $54.00
Premium Freezer Paper - 50 Sheet   $11.00
Background / Sharktooth border Fabric Kit  $84.00  
Piecing Kit - 40 Fat Quarters
(for Piecing circular blocks and cotton border)  $120.00
**Highly Suggested- Starch Basting Technique Booklet  $19.50
Grannies Flowers - Cottons and Wools
This 28" x 14" Table Runner is a snap to make using my way of Basting English
Paper Piecing with Starch!  

The flowers and vine are wool applique to add a primitive touch.  

The pattern includes my Premium freezer paper for use with my unique basting
technique for EPP.  

The Fabric Kit includes all fabrics for front - no threads, backing or binding

Pattern  $10.00
Fabric Kit w/Pattern  $45.00   
Any over charge on Shipping will be refunded after the purchase.   You will only be charged the actual shipping cost..  I will ship via the most economical method unless you request priority.
Gems & Jewels - Cottons and Wools

This charming 40" x 40"  wall hanging lets you enjoy English Paper Piecing
in small bits.  It combines wool with cotton in a unique way to present
English Paper Piecing.

The hexie shape is taken all the way to the binding.

Helpful Notions include Premium Freezer Paper, Starch Brush and Fingertip

Pattern   $9.00  SALE $3.00!
Kit with free Pattern $75.00  
Royal Babies - A baby quilt with Two Border Options!
This 39" x 49" quilt has two looks from the same pattern...depending on the
fabrics chosen (boy or girl themes).  

Helpful Notions include Premium Freezer Paper, Starch Brush and
Fingertip Stiletto.

Pattern $10.00
Vintage Friends - Two Ole Crows and A Pair Of Hares  
Applique and English Paper Piecing

The designs feature Applique, Simple Embroidery and English Paper Piecing.  

The Pair of Hares measures 30" x 16.5".  The Two Ole Crows measures 22" x 16.5".

The embroidery is done with wool thread for an aged look to add to the vintage feel of
the design.  

These cute table runners are a breeze to make using Missie's notions- Starch Brush,
Premium Freezer Paper and Fingertip Stiletto.

The Kit includes all fabric  and wool thread for BOTH little quilts!

Pattern $9.00
Kit with Pattern $63.00
Choose Pattern or Kit - Notions as Needed
Topside view of large (top) and
small (bottom) Hexie Mug Rugs
Bottomside view of small (left) and
large (right) Hexie Mug Rugs
Candy Stripe Hexie Quilt  

This fun quilt measures roughly 17" diagonally.  It uses 3/4" Freezer
Paper Hexie templates, included with the Pattern.

The Fabric Kit includes the needed fabric to complete the quilt in colors
similar to those in the picture.

You will have fun with this one!

Pattern w/ 3/4" Freezer Paper hexies  $9.00
KIT - Pattern with 1/2" hexies
and Fabric    $29.00
Millefiori Quilts- by Willyne Hammerstein

This is THE only pattern/book on my website which is not my own
design.  I love this book published by Quiltmania so much I want to
share the joy!  Every page is stunning...

Fabric Kit and Pattern
Grannie's Flowers, Choose Below
Candy Stripe Hexie Quilt
Hexie Mug Rug - Small or Large
Castle Windows - Applique Wall Hanging  

This 53" x 53" wall hanging is Easy Applique!   

Inspiration for this quilt came from the lead-glassed Castle Windows seen
in the "Old country"!

This one is a real pleasure to stitch together.  You will have it done in no
time due to the simple applique shapes.  

It is a beautiful quilt!

Pattern  $9.00  SALE!  $3.00
Bunchberry Blooms Choices
Choose Pattern or Kit and Notions as Needed
Castle Windows Pattern & Notions
Choose Pattern or Kit and Notions as Needed
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Choose Pattern and Notions
Choose Your Pincushion
The Gardens Of A King, Kits & Notions
Bunchberry Blooms Applique Quilt
83.5" square

Styled in Missie's favorite- Traditional with a touch of Primitive, this simple
applique quilt is a breeze to make!  Simple shapes layered on blocks.  
This can be applique'd by hand or machine.  Simple sashing and
borders.  This quilt was first featured on the cover of Primitive Quilts &
Projects magazine and was a Cover Girl!!  I still have a few issues left if
you'd like the pattern in that form.

Pattern $12.00
Kit $225
includes fabrics for background, sashing,
borders, binding and applique's.
English Wedding Quilt
65.5” square  

Wool and Cotton Applique along with English Paper Piecing using
Missie’s Starch Basting Technique.  Don't be intimidated by this
quilt!  The pattern breaks it down into small segments.  You'll be
done before you know it!

Pattern contains templates to make 3/4"  hexies.  Be sure to
purchase Missie's notions for EPP using Starch Basting from the
drop down menu to the right.  

Pattern- $12.00
                     Fabric Kit- $110.95
English Wedding Quilt Options