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For the duration of this US Tour Stitch Along with Quilting Around the Block, I'll be offering the complimentary pattern download for the block I've designed to honor South Dakota!  It's called South Dakota Sunflowers and I do hope you'll enjoy making it!  I've made one block in cotton fabrics sewn by machine and if you look close you can see that I've used a few of the fancy stitches on my machine- several blanket stitches, zig zag, a cross stitch and a crazy zig zag for the grass!  That was quick and fun because I don't use these stitches too often.   The second picture is the wool applique version stitched by hand with the some of the Sulky Cotton Petites collection of threads offered in my notions section of my website.  This thread slides right through the fabrics and is a joy to stitch with!   If you decide to try this thread, be sure to grab some of Missie's favorite Wool Applique' needles- thinner and slimmer to glide right through the cotton and wool fabrics with ease.   I've also added some wind into the sky of the wool version because if you've ever been to South Dakota, you KNOW it is always windy! Read more about it on my Blog Tab above.  

You may purchase a printed pattern or kit (6.5" square charm bundle of 8 fabrics) by adding it to your cart from this listing, or get a complimentary download by choosing this project from the Downloads tab at the top of the website.  

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