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Keep It In Style Binder Cover

$10.00 - $34.95

Product Description

This fabric kit is $34.90 and includes all fabric and woolens for the binder. The brown kit as shown in the magazine is sold out and grey chambrey for a cooler toned primitive red, white and blue look is being substituted. I’m having trouble with my photo for the grey toned kits but will post a photo as soon as possible. Thread kits are 13.50 and include perle cotton and floss to match the woolens wonderfully.

You can also purchase this single issue of the digital magazine to keep and download to have any time you wish to look at it on your computer or mobile device. The price is $10 for the digital copy.  Once you purchase I will email you a link to download the issue and refund any shipping charges for this item.  

I am also offering the printed pages of the magazine. You will receive loose pages and you can keep them in the 9”x12” baggie they will arrive in or put them in the 3 ring binder I have created for this issue. So many people were sad the printed issues are no longer available, so I thought I’d try printing them on high quality paper for your enjoyment. The cost for this Spring 2024 issue will be $29.50. There are a total of 136 pages and 20 projects. Folks have been saying they want printed copies and you know these issues are as good as a great book to hold in your hands! Let me know if you have any questions by calling 515-321-3163 or emailing me at We’ll see if you like this idea and perhaps I will continue offering this with each issue.

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