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Missie's Favorite Notions for EPP and Applique from Traditional Primitives

$5.95 - $59.95

Product Description

This page offers all of Missie's notions in one place so you don't miss a thing!  Please watch the videos on the video tab above to hear and see how Missie uses them.

The Starch Brush holds the starch in the handle and makes for no clean up!  It lets out just the right amount of liquid starch.  Please read the label so that you know how to take care of it so it lasts a long, long time.  12.00

The Premium Quilting Starch comes in a bottle that has a point and goes right into the handle of the brush.  It is the right size for traveling and has about 16 fills of the brush in the bottle.  $5.95

The Fingertip Stiletto is adjustable to any size fingertip and knuckle by squeezing or opening gently just a wee bit at a time. The fingertip should not poke way out towards the end of the long extension, but it should stop before the bend in the tip.  Once it is comfortable on your finger- not falling off and not too tight, you will find that it is a wonderful aid to help you baste the shapes.  It is used as an extension of your finger to hold and control the hot paper and you can get right up next to the iron with the tip so you do not burn your finger.  $13.49

The Hexie Pressing Mat is a bit flatter than most pressing mats on the market.  It does not allow the paper templates to curl as you use them over and over.  It has a slippery surface and that helps you turn and flip the shapes easily with the Fingertip Stiletto so the process goes quickly.  Plus they are very cute!  $21.99

Ultimate Freezer Paper is unlike any other paper!  Each shape from this paper can be used about 20 times over.  It saves you the trouble and cost of cutting many shapes.  It will not shrink and distort like other brands and holds up well to the heat and the starch.  It is brown in color but you can still trace with a light box or window if the lines are dark enough.  It goes through a copier as well.  Once the design is traced or copied on the paper side, lay this piece on top of another blank page with both shiny sides facing down.  Iron them together with a hot iron and no steam.  There may be some bubbles between the layers but as long as one piece is connected in the shape somwhere,  it will hold together as you cut.  The bubbles will work out as you start using them with the iron.  Some curling happens in certain humid climates but this also works out as you use the shapes.  If you happen to have a laminator, the two pieces can be pressed together with no bubbles.  Be sure to use an applique pressing sheet to prevent it from sticking to the carrier folder.  $11.49/ 40 pages

Missie's Favorite Needles for EPP and Applique' available in size 10 or 11.  These will give you great stitches! $7 per tube of 10.

Missie's Favorite Thimbles are made from suede with adhesive can be cut to size and work through several uses.  Approximately 3/8" x 8.5" strip which can make quite a few thimbles for $5.

Clover Mini Iron MCI900 is the model Missie likes the best.  It has a square side to it so you can feel the edge of the paper and know what will happen to the fabric as you dry it into shape.  It gets hot and dries most fabrics in 4-5 seconds.  Some of the older models that have a narrower handle seem to be wearing out during classes recently.  If your iron doesn't look quite the same as this one, and it doesn't dry the fabrics very well, it may be worn out.  $35

Starter Kit for Starch Basting for EPP and Applique' has most everything you need to get started with this and comes with a savings by purchasing in the kit form.  It contains a book that explains everything as if you were taking an EPP class from Missie.  The basics are the same as for applique'.  It covers why certain products are used, how to bast with Missie's products, how to prevent issues and how to fix them.  It also comes with the Fingertip Stiletto, the Starch Brush, a pack of needles (3 size 10s and 3 size 11s) that give you good invisible stitches, a bobbin of thread that Missie likes to start students off with for success in EPP and a free Hexie Mug Rug pattern with papers and fabrics to get you started!  **You will also need a mini iron and pressing mat to use with these notions.

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