Red, White and Wool Mystery- Welcome Home

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Welcome Home is a patriotic themed project in the Red, White and Wool Stitch Along.  This time around we are offering individual projects.  The inspiration for this little quilt is from stories my mom would tell me about when her brothers would come home from war.  My mom and grandmother would decorate the table in their honor.  Often times the small flags would be propped in the fruit bowl.  Here, the fruit is the pineapple which is the symbol for welcome...thus the name, Welcome Home.  I dedicate this to all who serve our country and come home to their families, safe and sound.   

The kit will include the printed pattern and fabrics needed (except the back) to make the project for $24.99.  The printed pattern will contain the preprinted freezer paper with all designs traced and ready for you to get busy quickly!  I've had a great response to this addition of printed templates in our new wool patterns.  And if you use fusible, these templates can be used as tracing required!  Simply iron the template pages to the paper side of the fusible and cut out the shapes.  

The floss kit for this project is priced at $15.99 and has 8 lovely colors chosen to highlight this design wonderfully.  The background print has a lovely grid, making quilting very simple and easy.  The Valdani Pearl Cotton I used is available for $5.65 as an addition.  

The pattern is available as a download for $6 but you can purchase it printed for $10.00.  Don't forget it includes preprinted freezer paper pattern pages-saving you lots of time tracing.  Just open the pattern, cut the colored segments apart, iron it onto the wool, and it’s ready to cut!

I've also chosen some special supplies to make this project so enjoyable- afterall, the best notions are what makes this handwork art enjoyable!  

  • Long Arm Stapler- Get into the middle of any block to staple those shapes in place!  When using fusible or glue stick many times the adhesion lifts from the background fabric as we handle it while stitching.  Staples hold it right in place and there are no pin ends to catch on the thread.  This stapler is the best for this!  Pick up some staples at your local retailer.
  • Small Kai Scissors- great for small shapes to cut them accurately!
  • Missie's Favorite Wool Applique' needles- 10 needles per tube.  These are longer and thinner, gliding through the cotton and wool fabric with ease.  These work for most threads (but not 5 pearl cotton).  A delight to stitch with!
  • Missie's Favorite Thimbles- one suede strip- you cut the length you desire!  One strip is enough for about 35 reusable suede thimbles that stick to your finger over and over.  
  • Wool Applique' and Needle Turn Freezer Paper- Do you need an extra pack on hand for future projects?  This paper is great and is a bargain at $9.99 for 75 sheets!
  • Barely There Printable Fusible Adhesive- A great fusible to get you going on the project fast because it is printable.  Missie prefers glue stick to adhere her shapes, but if you like fusible, this one is great!

The list of designers and dates are shown in a photo above.  Join the Woolie Friends FB Group so you don't miss any of these beautiful projects!

PS- As a side note, the background you see on the pattern cover is a fabric from my next line of fabric, The Ashton Collection, and the background of the quilt is from one of my fabric lines, Rustic Homestead!